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Rocking Vintage Inspired Eyewear

It seems like retro is always on-trend. However, as the years go by, our definition of retro and vintage gets broader and more items are added to the list. Such is the case with retro and vintage eyewear currently seen the streets. From cateye frames to thick lenses, to Jackie O styled sunglasses, retro and vintage looking eyewear are perfect pieces for the season.
The 50’s are back in a big way with both cateye sunglasses and regular eyeglasses gracefully sitting atop the bridge of ladies’ noses everywhere. A traditional pair of cateye sunglasses or eyeglasses will be fabulous with other traditional 1950’s trends as well. Bright red lips are must haves, as is a high ponytail or cute chignon updo. Pair with an a-line dress or slim fitting capri pants to finish off the look. Taylor Swift modernizes this look by choosing glasses in a tortoiseshell pattern but still keeping the classic retro stylings of red lips and pearl drop earrings. Swift is a master of the retro and vintage trend! Today, cateye sunglasses and regular glasses come in a variety of widths and colors making this an easy trend to try out.
Another hot trend we’re seeing in abundance right now is that of wayfarer sunglasses. Originally developed by Ray-Ban, these frames had more of a trapezoid shape and gave those sporting them a rebellious air. Although most other brands have developed their own line of wayfarers, it’s no surprise that the sunglasses’ original brand is still producing this hot silhouette in covetable styles. Stars like Selena Gomez, Beyonce and Rachel Bilson can regularly be spotted in these particular frame shapes. Get a pair of Ray-Ban at discounted prices from Coastal.com .
Extremely oversized frames became popular in the 70’s and while in the 1980’s and 90’s sizes became a little more subdued, celebrities have revitalized this look in recent years. It’s hard to determine whether these styles help to serve as a disguise or more of a “notice me” accessory, but either way, once the stars began donning, it once again became a suddenly chic way to block the sun. Oversized frames can be tricky because not every shape will automatically look good on everyone. There are after all, round frames and those with more of a square or rectangular shape. Round faces look surprisingly more slender in rectangular styles while more square faces can easily rock round frames. When picking out sunglass styles, oval faces can do no wrong, as either shape will look good with their bone structure.

Finally, aviator sunglasses are so popular, and have been for so long, we sometimes forget this is actually a vintage style. Originally developed for fighter pilots way back in the 1930’s the shape has remained almost the same since debuting. Especially in summer, this particular style is easy to wear and is extremely popular with both genders.
Vintage styled sunglass and eyeglass frames are just-right accessories to be showing off today. With a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, you cannot go wrong with a pair of these classic pieces.

This is a guest post written by Christine Miston, a freelance fashion writer and blogger on The Modeling Insider.

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